Snowy: Treasure Hunter

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 6.3

Snowy Treasure Hunter is a game featuring art and film-quality animation
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Snowy is a famous polar bear character that in this occasion gets into his expeditionary clothes. In this game you will control Snowy while he runs through catacombs collecting precious rocks and gold, and even digging to find other treasures. You will have to climb ladders to reach high treasures and dig to make a ladder to go underground chambers where you can find many treasures. While running through the mystery chambers be aware of the enemies, you will be facing the guards of the treasures, lots of mommies and traps that will prevent you to achieve your goal.
Your only defense against them is a good offense, so you need to be a quick thinker to try to stop the enemies by digging holes with your pick axe so your enemies fall in.
You must be fast and very aware so you can collect all the treasures in each level so you can pass towards the next level. You will be playing over 60 levels, each of them with increasing dangers. You will need your best skills to reach the last level and end the game. Nice graphics and sounds.

Guzman Gonzalez
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  • Nice graphics
  • Nice sound
  • Great gameplay


  • Too short levels
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